Eye of Zapotec God


Sizes: 4.26 x 6.56 ft  – 1.30 x 2 m     Weight:  3.100 kg – 6.83 lb

Materials: Weft with natural wool and cotton warp.



The red color is very representative from our workshop, working with love and passion that is reflected in each final rug; being the eye of God the most important iconography in our culture.

Eye of God: Divinity and symbol of protection, the all-seeing eye of God.

Fret: Stages of life and the constant cycle, birth, childhood, adolescence, youth, adulthood, elderly and transcendence.


Jacobo Vásquez

I´m Jacobo Vásquez, I´m 48 years old, my dad taught me to weave in the loom when I was 8 years old, I still remember my first rug which was about “Zapotec gods”. Soon after my dad realized that I didn’t put attention at school so he got really mad and bought me some sheep to raise, it worked so he bought me another 3 sheep and when I graduated from school at my 12 years old I had 10 sheep which abound more and more. In the mornings I wove and at midday I used to go to herding my 200 ship at our mountains, my family used their wool to weave and I used to sheared and spined It.

I got married and with the time I started to travel to many markets throughout Mexico to sell our work. At present I dedicate to weave rugs with zapotec Iconography, I love to go to the mountains to collect the plants to dye since that is how I connect with nature, I happily hope to leave the mark of my soul In each rug.


What would your ideal design look like?

What would your ideal design look like?
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