Model: Cuddle

Design´s name:  Celestial constellation

Technique:Weaved in pedal loom 100% artesanal

Materials:  sheep wool with natural dyes       

Time to work:  3 weeks 



               Blues: índigo

               Red- oranges:  cochinilla 

               Yellow: pericón, sapodilla

Size:  Small – small breeds  


               Width: 23.6 in – 60 cm 

                   Large: 20 in – 51 cm

                   Backrest height:  9.44 in – 24cm

                   Cushion thickness:  2.7 in – 7 cm

Weight: 6.8 lb – 3,120 kg


Rey David

¡Hi! I´m Rey David, since I was 6 years old I was Interested to learn how to weave but I was too young to do It because weave needs strength, that Is why my parents used a chair to build me a “loom”, there Is where I started to create little rugs to sell them and then buy me toys and candies.

Little by little I developed my skill with threads, then thanks to our beautiful work I had the opportunity to move to Oaxaca city to study my university, when I finished It I returned home and I could see the deficiencies and devaluation of artisan work within my community, at that moment I committed myself to generate a positive change and not resting until I achieved it.

I´m specializing myself in the design and Innovation of new products with our technique. I feel that we can create many unique and beautiful fabrics woven to keep preserving our culture and work for the future generations. At present with just a year of work I´m happy because my dream of revaluing our art, preserving our ancestral techniques, contributing to the environment and being an agent of change Is coming to life. I´m proud of being Zapotec as a professional who Is taking the dream forward.


What would your ideal design look like?

What would your ideal design look like?
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