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"We intertwine our soul weaving with love our past and future"


Born from the need to innovate the technique of weaving in pedal loom´s of our community of Teotitlán Del Valle, Oaxaca; with the aim of apapachar the pampered four-legged of the family.

Sha Rayeniunen | How do we create it

We transmit in each fabric our cultural heritage, traditions and emotions embodied in each piece of life stories.

¡Come and live the magic of our processes!

Inglés Copiar Visit our workshop and live the experience. Delve into the skin of a Zapotec, create colors and paint wool with natural colors obtained from plants, fruits and insects, weave on a pedal loom, taste delicious Oaxacan food made in traditional cuisine and learn about our culture and traditions. ¡We assure you that you will not want to leave!

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Live a unique experience in a private Bed and Breakfast room, enjoying a rich Zapotec breakfast and knowing the process of elaboration of our pieces.

What would your ideal design look like?

What would your ideal design look like?
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